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Summer STEM Program

The A World Bridge® is an advanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program offered at Northern Academy.

A World Bridge® (AWB) is an international award-winning program that uses advanced teaching methods and incorporates real-world projects involving NASA, industry and government partners.

During the summer, AWB is offered Monday through Thursday 9 am to noon.

Other STEM programs offered during summer sessions are Robotics Engineering and 3D Modeling & 3D Printing.

AWB Summer Program

This program help summer students develop professional skills while working on real-world projects. For four days each week 9 am-noon, students in AWB summer program will work with Northern Academy students on a rotating schedule. On another weekday and everyday from 1-2 pm, they will join another science program (3D Printing for session I and Robotics for session II).

The 2019 AWB Summer Program includes:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Learn the complete workflow for UAV operations including mission planning, pilot training, ground control systems, data acquisition, GIS mapping, and data analysis.

Computer Programming

Begin developing career-level computer programming skills with a focus on coding for NASA applications. Introduction to advanced level instruction will be available for Web-based programming, including Javascript, HTML5 and CSS.

Electronic Circuitry

Work hands-on with electronic circuitry experiments, learning basic electronic components and their functions.

Residential or Day Camp

This summer program is available as a day camp or a residential camp. The residential experience includes boarding and meals, as well as a variety of weekend and evening activities.