Gain a Broader Perspective of Fine Art

Energize your creative self in the realm of art-making. Learn woodblock printing, landscape and watercolor painting, woodworking, clay portraiture, Chinese calligraphy, and crafts. Our Fine Arts program is designed for you to create artworks in variety of mediums, developing fundamental skills, elements of design, and visual perception.

Northern Summer Academy's Fine Art Courses are designed for students interested in both the history and the methodology of traditional portraiture in drawing, sculpture, and watercolor as well as exploring the forgotten traditional Chinese techniques of calligraphy and painting. Our systematic classical training improves fundamental skills, visual perception, and the ability to create realistic works in a variety of mediums.

Clay Portraiture

Learn traditional hand-building methods to create a portrait head in clay.


Explore the fundamentals of watercolor painting and build the foundation to create limitless works of art.

Carpentry & Design

Design and build your own wood project, such as a lamp, shoe rack, or raised ‘Chess’ or ‘Go’ board.

First, you’ll learn design principles and how to convey your design ideas through drawing, then you’ll turn your designs into measured drawings ready to build. Next up you try out carpentry, traditional joinery techniques, and the right tools and machines to turn your designs into reality!

Creative Crafts

Come and learn hands-on skills for creative living. Soap making, weaving, sewing and more...

Traditional Chinese Art

Develop knowledge and basic skills in Chinese calligraphy and painting.