Our unique dance program offers systematic training in both Classical Chinese Dance and Classical Ballet, making us the first high school in the United States to offer high school diplomas with specializations in these two classical dance forms.

Our programs not only  offer students training in Chinese dance and Ballet fundamentals, but also provides a holistic range of supplementary dance courses, including but not limited to, Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance, Tumbling, Repertoire, and Acting.

Classical Ballet

Our ballet programs strive to provide students with classical ballet training in its purest form and to instill within our students the elegance, precision, and sophistication of ballet’s regal origins.

Classical Chinese Dance

Classical Chinese dance is an art form that hones both the mind and body. It is a holistic dance system that not only trains all areas of the physical body through various sets of distinct movements and postures, jumps, spins, and tumbling techniques, but also contains a unique internal element known as bearing, which is the expression of one’s inner spirit.

All classes are offered by Northern Academy's Dance Department.