Explore the fundamentals of classical dance infused with the profound wisdom and upright principles of classical culture.

Whether you are a total beginner or have been training since you were little, our dance camp will help you develop the skills you need to become a great dancer. All summer classes are offered by Northern Academy's Dance Department.

Get ready for three daily hours of intensive training focused on classical and traditional dance forms, (or 2 hours online). In just three to six weeks, you will develop more strength, power, control, and flexibility while learning how to move with grace and confidence.

Systematic Dance Programs

Northern Academy’s systematic dance training will strengthen dance fundamentals and supplement it with a range of courses like Ethnic and Folk Dance, Rehearsal, and Classical Chinese dance Bearing.

Level I and II are also available online.

What Will Students Do?

  • Flexibility training will work to improve each student’s leg, hip, back, and shoulder flexibility.
  • Classical Chinese Dance fundamental and bearing classes will work on laying down a good foundation in Classical Chinese Dance through lessons in basic skills, movements, postures, and paths, along with introducing students to the unique breathing, movement patterns, and inner spirit that bring life to Classical Chinese Dance.
  • Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance will allow students to explore the vibrant styles of China’s various ethnic groups and dynamic regions.
  • Classical Chinese Bearing will expose students to the inner beauty of Classical Chinese Dance, where students will learn to dance with their inner spirit and expression.

Students will also experience the rehearsal process by learning a dance piece that will be performed upon conclusion of the program, along with a short exhibition of their studio training materials.

Class Placement

All students will take part in an audition process on the first day of each session so that we may place them into the appropriate level.

Classical Chinese dance is an art form that hones both the mind and body. It is a holistic dance system that not only trains all areas of the physical body through various sets of distinct movements and postures, jumps, spins, and tumbling techniques, but also contains a unique internal element known as bearing, which is the expression of one’s inner spirit.