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Work on real-world projects with NASA and the United Nations

What our students and parents are saying about A World Bridge® (AWB):

Make a Real Difference in the World

“Last summer our AWB class competed in the Europa Challenge, in which NASA and the European Space Agency challenges universities and businesses to solve problems in our communities and eco-systems. We solved UNESCO’s problem of locating World Heritage Sites on their website, which will help preserve and promote them as important to world culture and history, so they won’t be destroyed and will be preserved for the future.

We discovered their website had a lot of problems, including geographically misplaced sites. Using NASA’s software our team created a new website for them with a 3D interactive map of all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

We corrected and improved what they had. We designed, coded the 3D globe, and included pop-up windows with photos of the sites and information about them.”
–Julia, 9th Grade

Learn in a Friendly Environment

“At my old school, doing science and engineering was just for fun, but here we work on real world projects, and we work together with students in Alaska and NASA.
I thought that putting what I learn into something real that helps people would be really cool.”

“It’s also a very friendly class environment. We work together, collaboratively.”
–Sylvia, 9th Grade

From NASA to Ron Fortunato, Director of AWB

“It is not often that great educators are recognized for the extraordinary gift they give to our future. Our most precious resource is our children, they are our future. The world’s most important job is teaching them well. We wish to recognize you as one of the best, a World Class Educator.”