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Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway Camp (Mon-Sun, 24/7)

Sleepaway camp includes all of our day and afternoon camp options, PLUS two Saturday trips! Check out the 2021 schedule HERE.

Campers stay in our dormitories (with 24/7 supervision), receive life skill lessons, and engage in our organized evening and weekend activities.

Tuition: $2,865 / 3-week session

Every session will also include a weekday educational field trip, as well as exciting all-day outings on Saturdays.

A grand finale with performances and party for all campers, families, and friends will be held on the last Saturday of each session.

When do we move-in and move-out?

The move-in time is after 2 pm on Sunday, June 27th (Session I) and Sunday, July 18th (Session II).

The move-out time is before 11 am on Sunday, July 18th (Session I) and Sunday, August 8 (Session II).

All campers are expected to follow the regulations in Northern Academy’s Boarding Student Handbook.

Please contact if you have any questions about dorm arrangements.

What should I bring to camp?

For the dormitory:

  • Dorm set including twin sheet, pillow with case, blankets, blanket cover sheet ($100 if purchased from the school dorm)
  • Towels ($5 if purchased from the school dorm)
  • Each dormitory apartment has a washer and dryer. Students should bring their own detergent and a washing bag.
  • Extra money to spend during shopping and trip days. Dorm teachers can lock up money for safe keeping.

See packing list for different Programs

What are the dorm facilities like?

Our Sleepaway Camp uses the Northern Academy’s dorm facilities, which include rooms that host 2 to 4 campers.

Each dormitory provides basic furnishings for residential living — window blinds and/or shades, window screen, desk, chair, wastebasket, dresser, and closet space per person. Appliances include washer/dryer, a shared refrigerator, microwave, Chromebooks, and Wi-Fi. Each bathroom is provided with toiletries including toilet issues, hand soap, and paper towels.


Who are the dormitory caregivers?

A Northern Academy staff (dorm parent) resides in each facility that hosts either girls or boys, and oversees the needs of the campers.

Will campers be provided life-skills training?

Sleepaway campers will be trained for life skills such as personal hygiene, organization, time management, and money management. The Northern Academy school counselor and school nurses participate in educating camp students on physical and mental health.

Campers are expected to maintain personal hygiene, and to clean their own bedrooms, bathrooms, and common dorm areas. They may also cook under supervision.

What does a typical Sleepaway Camp day look like?

A typical day at the sleepaway camp starts with a wake-up call at 7 am. Breakfast is at 8 am and the first class starts at 9 am. After three activity sessions, campers enjoy lunch and free time before the afternoon activities kick off at 1 pm.

Campers may continue to participate in club activities after 5 pm, with dinner at 6 pm. Lights-out and quiet time starts at 9:30 pm to ensure campers to have at least 9 hours of sleep.

What are the weekend trips like?

The camp organizes weekend shopping, as well as educational and entertainment trips for Sleepaway campers. Participation is voluntary.

Here are weekend trip schedule from previous years:  Session I   Session II

Do you provide airport pick up service?

Newark airport in New Jersey is preferred. JFK airport could be another choice is no suitable flight is available in Newark.

HERE is list of available independent drivers and procedures. Parents should select the service that best suits their needs and contact the driver directly to make arrangements.

Parents may contact our residential service at for questions.