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Camp Life

What is the life at camp like?

Session I Summary (June 29 - July 17, 2020)

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Northern Academy have been successfully conducting our summer camp's academic and arts programs in a hybrid mode - both online and in-person following health and safety guidelines.

Northern Summer Academy's delicious lunches are famous around here! Campers still get to enjoy dining together after the busy morning.

Newsletters and Videos

At the end of each week, we publish a collection of photos in our weekly newsletter HERE.

At the end of each session, we invite all families to attend an online streaming. This video features our campers' performances in their perspective summer programs and afternoon activities, so that everyone can still share the joy, laughter, and experiences that our campers have enjoyed over the past three weeks at the Northern Summer Academy. The video USB can be ordered HERE.

Our Progress in 2020 Summer Session I

Below, our teachers in selected academic programs provide a summary of progress their campers have made in three weeks:

3D Modeling

In 3D modeling, students learned to use sketching tools to draw 2D sketches and generate 3D models in Part Studio. They also designed their own models and get them printed out using the 3D Printer of Northern Academy. After the 3-week class, students get basic skills in 3D modeling while having great fun during class!
-Mr. Jim Luan


Campers focused on reading and speaking English. Following their self- introductions, campers moved on to practice speaking about topics required by the IELTS (The International English Language Testing System). They have also read a short story and read a few articles in order to enrich their vocabulary.
-Mrs. Kati Vereshaka

SAT Prep (Essentials)

SAT English

Students have learned all of the test taking strategies for the English portion of the SATs and have taken the equivalent of 4 practice exams. They are more confident with the exam after having seen their test scores steadily increasing over these three weeks.
-Mr. Liam ONeill

SAT Math

ALL test points in the four categories of SAT Math - Heart of Algebra, Data Analysis, Passport to Advanced Math, and Additional Topics - were reviewed and practiced. Regular homework and test solidified their understanding of the content taught during class.
-Mr. Jim Luan

Life Skills

We explored how to be happy by learning about Aristotle's 11 virtues, which includes developing our humor, friendliness and patience. We played brain games to expand skills to organize and remember our studies, including time management tips, brain yoga breaks, and self care. We learned about being aware of our own thinking - especially in regards to the inner self-talk, learning to eliminate ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) by using ABRA! We took a virtual tour of the Taj Mahal, and explored the art of breaking the ice when meeting new people in social situations.
-Ms. Mimi Cortese-Ng



Beginning Chinese

Using their exposure to several dozen words in Chinese, our students have co-written five short stories! They can read and understand the stories by themselves and can even retell large portions in their own words!
-Mr. Liam ONeill

Intermediate Chinese

Students were given a virtual tour to five representative Chinese ancient cities/regions, Beijing, Gansu, Xizang, Sichuan and Xi'an. Our campers enjoyed learning the history and China's "divinely inspired" culture. We also studied classical literature including idioms, legends, and historical stories. We also learned Chinese characters as wells as their origins with traditions and profound moral values.
-Ms. Gloria Shang