Benefit from the strong music faculty at Northern Academy and the summer camp’s visiting musicians. Private lessons in Erhu, Pipa, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Clarinet, Oboe, Trumpet, and French Horn are offered during the summer camp. The fees are available upon application.

Private lessons are available to both campers and non-campers.

What are the benefits of learning the Pipa?

In traditional Chinese culture, the Pipa was revered as the “King” of Chinese folk instruments. The instrument has a wide pitch range, and with practice develops dexterity of the hands and fingers.

It is understood in traditional culture that the fingers are directly connected to one's heart. A well-trained artist has great expressive power on the Pipa, transitioning from soft as a whisper, to explosive as an ancient battle, in a split-second.

Long-term training of the fingers improves intelligence, especially for children in developing stages. Learning the pipa is conducive to this, while also cultivating a sense of melody and rhythm. The complex finger movements, and cooperation of left and right hands, also improve coordination. The process of learning Pipa helps to improve a student’s abilities of observation, judgment, and control.

To learn the pipa, one must sing the music. A proficient player needs to determine the pitch of a recognized note in an instant, and at the same time determine which string and fingering to play. Through repeated practice, one has complete freedom of expression.

By listening to and learning the music of the Pipa, the student develops a deeper understanding of China’s traditional divine culture, appreciating and understanding its essence. Through this connection, and musical journey, it is believed the artist’s energy and “aura” become more pure, one’s nature improves, and a quiet confidence settles in.

Where can we purchase a pipa?

Order options include AMAZON and the Tian Yin Music Store.