In Northern Summer Academy Orchestra, you will find the perfect balance between grandeur of traditional western orchestra and delicate traditional Chinese instruments. This orchestra certainly will make the music making more experiential and fun.

Conductor is the soul of the orchestra. This orchestra program boasts having a conductor who has dozens years of professional experiences in both conducting and teaching.

The orchestra players will benefit from

  • How to do a real great teamwork
  • How to read, follow the conductor
  • How to play in the same way with other member of the same section in bowing, technique used, breathing, phrasing, intonation, and dynamics, etc.

This means one must put down oneself, to play, to think from the point of view of the whole group

  • Not only to play in the same way as the section required, but also play properly according to the role it should be from the whole orchestra’s need to show the audience the best result
  • Compared to a solo with piano accompaniment or a chamber music group, to play in an orchestra involved more interaction, due to the unlimited varieties of instrumentation which may be used in an orchestra music. Besides, each composer, and even each piece of music differs. It’s a challenging thing and also the most enjoyable thing to play in an orchestra.
  • Northern Summer Academy Orchestra’s program include great music from the classical western music from the past centuries. Besides, NSA Orchestra will perform some classical Chinese music which contains the essence of the 5,000 years of Chinese great culture. So, NSA Orchestra campers will have a precious chance to experience the rare, real music feast.

Sleepaway or Day Camp

This program is available as day camp or sleepaway camp. The residential experience includes boarding and meals, as well as a variety of weekend and evening activities.