Start your summer day with exercises for your body and/or your eyes; be inspired by words of wisdom of the sages from the East and the West; learn life skills and Etiquette tips that can benefit all your life; explore the rich traditions, arts and cultures of different countries.

This course uses virtual tours, presentations, and story telling to engage the campers while provide education on traditional values.

What Did We Learn in 2020 Session

We explored how to be happy by learning about Aristotle's 11 virtues, which includes developing our humor, friendliness and patience.
We played brain games to expand skills to organize and remember our studies, including time management tips, brain yoga breaks, and self care.
We learned about being aware of our own thinking - especially in regards to the inner self-talk, learning to eliminate ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) by using ABRA!
We took a virtual tour of the Taj Mahal, and explored the art of breaking the ice when meeting new people in social situations.