This workshop will focus on achieving the transparency and immediacy unique to watercolor painting incorporating a series of simple studio exercises encouraging students to explore the fundamentals of watercolor.

The emphasis is on developing skill in controlling the soluble paints and learning to reserve and pull back highlights to create the brilliant and delicate range of tones that define watercolor. We will explore materials and techniques, such as wet-and dry-brush, the laying of tint washes, scumbling, and methods for reserving and lightening areas. We will discuss composition and under-drawing with pencil and light brushwork.

Beginning demonstrations with practical still-life sketches are followed by assisted self-directed sessions and daily discussions of both technique and content. Color mixing is demonstrated and practiced, as well as the relationship between observed light and the effects that can be achieved with the reduced value range of a painted surface.

Students must purchase the following supplies:

  • Cold press 140 pd. Sheets, block or pads, medium or large size
  • Watercolor brushes (sable/synthetic/synthetic mix): size 1; size 1 ½; flat 1 ½; #8 or #10 round; #3 or #4 round; a rigger

Recommended colors blocks or tubes:

  • Yellows: New Gamboge or Indian Yellow (warm); Permanent Yellow or Lemon Yellow (cool)
  • Blues: French Ultramarine (warm); Pthalo Blue (cool)
  • Reds: Quinacridone Rose or Quin Magenta (warm); Quin Red or Napthol Red (cool)
  • Earth: Burnt Sienna (warm)
  • 2 medium size water containers
  • Roll of paper towels
  • Small sponge for texture
  • Plastic wrap Spray bottle/mister
  • Artist tape A piece of gator board or foam core to tape your paper
  • 2B or 4B Pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, small ruler is optional