This workshop will focus on achieving the transparency and immediacy unique to watercolor painting incorporating a series of simple studio exercises encouraging students to explore the fundamentals of watercolor. We will explore materials and techniques, such as wet-and dry-brush, the laying of tint washes, scumbling, and methods for reserving and lightening areas. We will discuss composition and under-drawing with pencil and light brushwork.

Students must purchase the following supplies:

  • Cold press 140 pd. Sheets, block or pads, medium or large size
  • Watercolor brushes (sable/synthetic/synthetic mix): size 1; size 1 ½; flat 1 ½; #8 or #10 round; #3 or #4 round; a rigger

Recommended colors blocks or tubes:

  • Yellows: New Gamboge or Indian Yellow (warm); Permanent Yellow or Lemon Yellow (cool)
  • Blues: French Ultramarine (warm); Pthalo Blue (cool)
  • Reds: Quinacridone Rose or Quin Magenta (warm); Quin Red or Napthol Red (cool)
  • Earth: Burnt Sienna (warm)
  • 2 medium size water containers
  • Roll of paper towels
  • Small sponge for texture
  • Plastic wrap Spray bottle/mister
  • Artist tape A piece of gator board or foam core to tape your paper
  • 2B or 4B Pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, small ruler is optional

Residential or Day Camp

This program is avialable as a day camp or a residental camp. The residential experience includes boarding and meals, as well as a variety of weekend and evening activities.