This is an introductory class to the foundations of portrait drawing. During the course of five days, students will construct one portrait of a live model. The format of the class takes a step by step approach and will move the student from simple to complex ideas as the week progresses.

Each day begins with a short demonstration explaining the lesson for that afternoon.  Students then develop their own portraits and receive one on one instruction.

The content of the class includes strategies for accurately placing on paper the proportions of the sitter, how to depict light on form, and the importance of linear perspective.

In addition, students are provided a brief presentation on historic lesson plans in drawing. It is the intention of the class to show how historically based teaching is a sure path toward mastery in drawing. As students gain proficiency, they are better equipped to work from the live model and design unique works of art.

Students must purchase their own materials as follows:

  • Drawing board
  • Pencils- 2H, HB, 2B
  • 18√ó24 Strathmore series 400 drawing pad
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Razor blade and sanding-block for sharpening pencils