Northern's ESL & American Culture Camp is for international students looking to develop better English language skills while exploring American culture and history.

Students will enjoy student-centered instruction in small classes in which practical skill-building exercises are incorporated into the daily lessons. Through vocabulary, sentence skills, pronunciation drills, group activities, and field trips, students will enhance their listening and speaking abilities, raise their levels of reading comprehension, improve written composition, and develop a strong cross-cultural understanding. Culture classes will place emphasis on understanding American society and U.S. history. There will be a drama performance at the end of camp conducted entirely in English.

Learning Activities

  • Build useful American cultural knowledge and skills.
  • Learn conversational English: important vocabulary and phrases needed while traveling or living in America. Practice speaking English with each other and native speakers both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Read enriching books and materials at the appropriate reading skill levels and write in English on meaningful topics and experiences. Reading and writing assignments introduce students to themes in American culture and history.
  • Improve teamwork skills and work on communicating and collaborating across cultures.
  • Improve English speaking, listening comprehension, writing, reading, and grammar.
  • Engage in new real-time, real-world projects: A World Bridge
    • “The Artist and the Scientist” project
    • Collaborative program with world-class partners and schools

Who should enroll?

  • Students who are working on improving their English. From beginning English speakers to more advanced level speakers, this program builds on existing skills and brings students to the next level of English proficiency.
  • International students interested in improving their English skills, and/or making the transition to college preparatory schools in America.
  • American students wishing to supplement their ESL studies.