Classical Ballet

Our ballet programs strive to provide students with classical ballet training in its purest form and to instill within our students the elegance, precision, and sophistication of ballet’s regal origins.

The summer classes offered in the afternoon intend to help learners develop beauty of body, mind, and spirit.

Classical Chinese Dance

Classical Chinese dance is an art form that hones both the mind and body. It is a holistic dance system that not only trains all areas of the physical body through various sets of distinct movements and postures, jumps, spins, and tumbling techniques, but also contains a unique internal element known as bearing, which is the expression of one’s inner spirit.

Beginner Program

This class is designed as an introduction to the beauty of Chinese dance and will give students a taste of this art form through learning simple movements and visual media.

Our three-week sessions involve training in the core Classical Chinese Dance subjects of flexibility, tumbling, Classical Chinese Dance bearing, and Classical Chinese Dance fundamentals. Additionally our Ethnic and Folk Dance course exposes students to the dance styles of China’s various regions and ethnic groups and Classical Ballet will allow students to experience the hallmark dance style of the Western world. Through our dance training, we hope to not only teach our students artistic skills and improve their physical abilities, but to also instill within them a sense of discipline, respect, and propriety. We also hope that they can be proud of themselves for all of the knowledge they have gained and the hard work they have put forth upon conclusion of the program.

Dance Intensive Program

Northern Summer Academy’s Dance Intensive Program is intended for students who wish to enhance their dancing by undergoing rigorous summer training, this three week program will deepen the students‘ understanding of classical Chinese dance through systematic training in dance fundamentals, bearing, tumbling, and ethnic and folk dance.

Students who wish to enroll in to this program will take part in a live audition for level placement.

What Will Students Do?

  • Flexibility training will work to improve each student’s leg, hip, back, and shoulder flexibility.
  • Tumbling training will expose students to basic skills such as the handstand, front and back rolls, cartwheel, and front walkover.
  • The Classical Chinese Dance fundamental and bearing portions of our program will work on laying down a good foundation in Classical Chinese Dance through lessons in basic skills, movements, postures, and paths, along with introducing students to the unique breathing, movement patterns, and inner spirit that bring life to Classical Chinese Dance.
  • Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance will allow students to explore the vibrant styles of China’s various ethnic groups and dynamic regions.
  • Classical Ballet will bring the elegance and sophistication of the Western world’s most widely recognized classical dance form to our students as a part of their comprehensive dance program.
  • Students will also experience the rehearsal process by learning a dance piece that will be performed upon conclusion of the program, along with a short exhibition of their studio training materials.

Who Should Apply?

Students between the ages of 9-18 who wish to learn, explore, or improve in Classical Chinese Dance, students who wish to explore the general art form of dance, and students who wish to learn unique artistic skills.

Residential or Day Camp

This program is avialable as a day camp or a residental camp. The residential experience includes boarding and meals, as well as a variety of weekend and evening activities.