The Cultural Enrichment program is packed with exciting activities!


Tea Ceremony from the East and West:

The culture of tea can improve a child's aesthetics while developing a deeper comprehension of both traditional Chinese and Western customs and history. Students will learn the history of the tea ceremony, the use of its implements, how to conduct a tea ceremony, and more!



Be inspired by words of wisdom from the sages; learn life skills and Etiquette tips that can benefit all your life; explore the rich traditions, arts and cultures around the world.



Become an expert Chess player with the Coach Diaz! He has been teaching/playing chess since age 11, and was taught by one of Russia’s best chess masters, Yury Lapshun.

Coach Diaz became a National champion at the age of 14. With his extensive experience, he coached 118 middle school kids to many top 5 finishes.


Culinary Class

Enjoy cookies that you bake from scratch! Learn the art of making delicious sushi and dumplings.