Learning Chinese has never been so effective, nor so much fun! Explore centuries of wisdom and improve listening, speaking and reading more than you thought possible!

Students who are interested in improving their Chinese skills and learning traditional Chinese culture without the hassle of going to Asia. Prior experience in learning Chinese is not required.

Beginner Chinese (Non-Heritage Speakers)

For students with little or no Chinese language experience, this program focuses on “micro-fluency” – mastery of the highest-frequency language structures that provide the foundation of all language. Standards-based, student-centered immersion instruction is fun, dynamic and unforgettable. One, three-week session is equivalent to one year of classroom learning.

Intermediate-Advanced Chinese (Heritage Speakers)

for students who have strong conversational skills but have little or no literacy. Contextually-rich, cultural experiences challenge students to use language in real-life contexts imbued with traditional Chinese values and morality. Students will be exposed to classical literature including Chinese idioms with stories, Chinese character stories, Chinese stories that build virtue and Tang poems.

Online Classes

The online program will provide one language instruction lesson and one culture lesson Monday through Friday. Once registered, the students are required to attend the lessons daily in order to gain the language skills and culture experience so that this course's learning objectives can be achieved.