Learning Chinese has never been so effective, and so fun! Explore centuries of wisdom and bring the ancient culture to life in an all Chinese play.

Impress your parents with your tea ceremony etiquette, and come home speaking more comfortably in Mandarin Chinese -- a skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Have a roaring good time inside a Chinese lion, and bast a rhythm on the massive drum for the lion to dance to.

Students are placed according to their abilities, developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. You can choose to take Chinese dance, calligraphy, and culture classes as electives throughout the day.

The Curriculum

This program provides standards-based, student centered, immersion language and culture instruction that will make learning the Chinese language and culture fun and unforgettable.

Each three-week session will be a fast track to learning Mandarin Chinese. Students will enjoy a language intensive and culturally focused experience.

Based on placement assessment on the first day, students may attend either novice or intermediate and advanced classes. Each level has a different focus in terms of developing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Through hands-on experience, students will not only exchange and use language in meaningful ways but also be exposed to traditional Chinese values, customs and etiquette in real-life contexts. There will be a drama performance at the end of camp conducted entirely in Chinese.

Novice Chinese Class is open to students with little or no Chinese language experience. The program is designed to help students obtain essential listening and speaking skills in daily life communication. Basic reading and writing in Chinese characters will also be introduced.

Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Class is open to students who have basic skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing the language. It focuses on enhancing students’ vocabulary and developing their reading comprehension and writing skills. Students will also be exposed to some famous classical literature such as San Zi Jing (The Three Character Classic) and Tang poems.

What will students do?

  • Explore the history, culture, and geography of China
  • Build on existing skills and bring students to the next level of Chinese proficiency
  • Learn traditional Chinese concepts, customs, and etiquette
  • Develop an appreciation for Chinese dance, music, and painting
  • Learn the basics of Chinese calligraphy, Chinese chess, the Chinese abacus, paper cutting, kite flying, dumping making, and so on
  • Instructional field trips to Chinese communities, museums, and other relevant places

Who should enroll?

Students between 9-18 years of age who are interested in improving their Chinese skills and learning traditional Chinese culture.

Residential or Day Camp

This program is avialable as a day camp or a residental camp. The residential experience includes boarding and meals, as well as a variety of weekend and evening activities.