Under the direction of Coach Diaz, the Northern Academy Chess Club members have been the winners of online chess competitions since our online school started on March 23, 2020.

You can be one of these best players too, with the help from one of the best coaches!

About Coach Diaz

My name is Joel Diaz and I have been teaching/playing chess since I was 11 years old. I was taught by one of Russia’s best chess masters by the name of Yury Lapshun. Throughout my time as a player and coach I have accomplished the following:

– First place finishes throughout many many tournaments within the 5 boroughs.

– Qualified for my first Nationals at the age of 13.

– Became a National champion at the age of 14.

– Placed top 25th for 5 consecutive years traveling to Missouri, Nashville, California, Georgia and Florida.

– Top-ranked High school player in Orange County.

– Competed in a Chess Expo at Marist College where I played 30 players both parents / kids at the same time. Results were 28 wins, 1 lost and a draw. All money collected was donated to the make-a-wish foundation.

– Tournament Chess director for 5 years.

– Chess counselor at Camp Ramapo and taught for 5+ years.

– Member of the top chess Organization in the U.S.  Chess-in-the-Schools.

–  Member of the chess team who won New York’s first team title at Super-nationals which takes place every four years.

– Coached the 118 middle school kids to many top 5 finishes. This includes three national champions within my two years with the school.