Whether you are a total beginner or have been training since you were little, our dance camp will help you develop the skills you need to become a great dancer.

Get ready for three daily hours of intensive training focused on classical and traditional dance forms. In just three to six short weeks, you can develop more strength, power, control, and flexibility while learning how to move with grace and confidence.

Summer Dance Intensive Program

Our Summer Dance Intensive Program focuses on classical and traditional dance forms. Students will not only develop strength, control, and good posture; but will learn how to move gracefully, while refining their inner character.

Discover Classical Chinese dance, a holistic dance system that refines mind, body, and spirit. Explore a world of dance through systematic training in classical Chinese dance, ethnic and folk dance, and tumbling.

Our qualified dance teachers are faculty from Northern Academy of the Arts' Dance Department.

What Will Students Do?

  • Flexibility training will work to improve each student’s leg, hip, back, and shoulder flexibility;
  • Tumbling training will expose students to basic skills such as the handstand, front and back rolls, cartwheel, and front walkover;
  • The Classical Chinese Dance fundamental and bearing portions of our program will work on laying down a good foundation in Classical Chinese Dance through lessons in basic skills, movements, postures, and paths, along with introducing students to the unique breathing, movement patterns, and inner spirit that bring life to Classical Chinese Dance;
  • PM Ballet classes for beginners and repertories.

Beginning and Advanced Levels

Who should apply? Students between the ages of 9-18 who wish to learn, explore, or improve in classical dance, students who wish to explore the general art form of dance, and students who wish to learn unique artistic skills.

Level III Dance Intensive Training

For advanced dance students who have been trained in Classical Chinese Dance for at least two years.

Northern Academy dance students may register here.