A World Bridge ™ is an international award-winning program that uses advanced teaching methods and incorporates real-world projects involving NASA, industry and government partners. You will develop professional skills while working on locally-oriented projects, such as urban management and sustainable resources Summer projects include:

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Learn the complete workflow for UAV operations, including mission planning, pilot training, ground control systems, data acquisition, GIS mapping, and data analysis.

Computer Programming

Begin developing career-level computer programming skills, with a focus on coding for NASA applications. Introduction to advanced level instruction will be available for Web-based programming, including Javascript, HTML5 and CSS.

NASA CitySmart

Discover how to use professional water and soil quality testing equipment and study new greenhouse design and systems.

Electronic Circuitry

Work hands-on with electronic circuitry experiments, learning basic electronic components and their functions.


Residential or Day Camp

This program is avialable as a day camp or a residental camp. The residential experience includes boarding and meals, as well as a variety of weekend and evening activities.