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Upstate New York's Premier School

Based in Middletown NY, the Northern Summer Academy is an incentive of Northern Academy, a college preparatory school offering outstanding education in academics with award-winning science programs and classical arts.

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The Summer Camp at Northern Academy provides a unique chance for youths aged 9 to 18 to experience an enriching and unforgettable summer. From music, dance, fine arts to languages and science, our programs span a broad range of interests while focusing on developing beauty of body, mind, and spirit.

Building Character Through Arts and Culture

At Northern Academy, we know that authentic, traditional arts place emphasis on improving the artist’s inner quality and character. We believe that with a noble character, young talented students become more effective learners in all areas because they improve their focus and self-discipline.

Our summer camp strives to provide a healthy and supportive environment that challenges young people to learn new skills and nurtures their passion for arts, science, and culture.

Full-day and afternoon camps in dance, visual arts, science, performing arts, and Chinese language are available for different age groups.

Every week we take all the students out for picnics and trips, so they can enjoy wholesome, summer fun and make new friends through games and activities.

Our Facilities

Our summer programs are offered in Northern Academy‘s brand new facilities in Middletown, New York, where students will have access to state of the art studios and rehearsal spaces.

Our Instructors

Our highly credentialed and caring instructors are dedicated to ensuring the best outcome for every student. Each of our dance and music instructors has completed his or her professional studies at premier conservatories or performed at the world’s most prestigious theaters.

College Preparatory Courses

For a full course of study or to inquire about fall enrollment, visit Northern Academy.