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FAQ About A World Bridge®

“Our AWB class competed in the Europa Challenge, in which NASA and the European Space Agency challenges universities and businesses to solve problems in our communities and eco-systems." --Julia, 9th Grade

Q: What is the basic requirement for my child to participate in this project during the summer camp?

A: This program is for motivated students who are serious about taking part in important real-world projects and making a difference in the world. Students should have finished their 6th grade Math and Science before entering this summer program.

Q: How are campers of different ages and skill levels placed in the summer program?

A: The skill sets are arranged according to the students’ current level. A World Bridge staff evaluates the student and then provides activities suited to their current skill level.

Q: What new skills can the students in the science camp learn?

A: Generally, the students will learn problem solving skills related to real-world projects. The students rotate through several activities, including computer programming, electronic circuit studies, and learning how to fly and maintain unmanned aerial systems.

Q: How does the science project teacher set goals for my child?

A: The teacher will guide the student to advance in studies and activities related to the three project activities listed above. There are challenges to complete at different levels.

Q: What does the teacher do to help my child to achieve his or her goals in the science camp?

A: The science project teacher provides guidance and instruction and provides opportunities for the student to learn about the STEM concepts, but also to figure out the solution by themselves. The students are typically inspired by the real-world
nature of the projects.

Q: What end result can my child expect to achieve from the science camp?

A: The student will have learned many new concepts and problem-solving skills, and will also receive an A World Bridge Projects Certificate.

Q: Which project in the science camp should my child choose to focus on?

A: The students will rotate between computer programming, electronic circuit studies,
and learning how to fly and maintain unmanned aerial systems. The student may focus on one of these activities but will be exposed to all three.

Q: What is the day like in the Northern Summer Academy’s science project?

A: Students will spend three working hours each day for four days a week on AWB projects. They will spend 1-2 pm as well as the other weekday on another science project or choose other arts and fun activities from a variety of selections.

Please contact us if you have more questions regarding this program.