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Welcome to the Summer Camp @ Northern Academy of the Arts

Session 1: July 2 - 21, 2018
Session 2: July 23 - Aug 11, 2018


Day Camp (Ages 5-18)

Be the architect of your own summer-camp schedule and explore a variety of exciting programs.

Step 1. Choose your focus

Immerse yourself in Dance, Performing Arts & Music, Fine Arts, Chinese, or our award-winning Science program.

Step 2. Choose your adventures

Want to get a taste of the theater, fly drones, or take a crash course in clay portraiture? The choice is yours. Explore, learn, and have fun!

Saturday field trips – Each Saturday, enjoy outings, BBQs, picnics, swimming, and much more.

PRICE: $ 1,090 / SESSION (click for other schedule and fee choices.)

Mon-Fri, 9 am-2pm plus Sat all-day trips.

Afternoon Camp (Ages 3-18)

Fill your afternoon with fun activities, including swimming, games, sports, meditation, performing arts, dance, music, Chinese, and craft classes. Ballet * programs are also available for 3-year-olds right up to adults.


Mon-Fri, 2-6pm; * Ballet, Mon-Fri 1-7pm

Sleepaway Camp (Ages 9-18)

DAY CAMP + AFTERNOON CAMP + Weekend and evening activities with 24/7 dorm service

PRICE: $ 2,590 / SESSION

Grand Finale

Each camp concludes with a Performance and party for campers, families, and friends. All are welcome!


At Northern, we know that authentic, traditional arts place emphasis on improving the artist’s inner quality and character. We believe that with a noble character, young talented students become more effective learners in all areas because they improve their focus and self-discipline.

Our summer camp strives to provide a healthy and supportive environment that challenges young people to learn new skills and nurtures their passion for arts, science, and culture.

Full-day and afternoon camps in dance, visual arts, science, performing arts, and Chinese language are available for students 3-18 years old.

Every week we take all the students out for picnics and trips, so they can enjoy wholesome, summer fun and make new friends through games and activities.

The summer camp is an initiative of Northern Academy of the Arts, a college preparatory school in New York. For a full course of study or to inquire about fall enrollment, click here.